Hello everyone!

Today we have prepared a post super simple and resulton for any party or home decoration. It is about numbers with light that will not be noticed where we place them, with only cardboard, a cutter, assembly putty, Christmas lights and spray paint. With all this, we will get an authentic metallic effect!

1.- We chose a square typeface so that it would be easier to make the pieces of our numbers.

2.- In a cardboard pen (the largest possible) we draw the numbers we chose, in this case a 40. We, as always, reused some that no longer served us, and cut them with the shape of our numbers.

3.- This is the most complicated. With the leftovers we were cutting pieces of the same width to surround our numbers and that they could keep standing alone. We glue them to the sides of the numbers with adhesive putty of assembly, extending well with the fingers for all the joints and covering all the holes so that they were well glued. It was not necessary to be perfect because painting them would give the effect of welded pieces. Let dry at least one day.4.- Once dry, we made the holes to add the lights with a screw and then enlarged the holes with a screwdriver. Placing the lights is the last step, after painting the numbers.5.- We paint with black spary to give it a base of color. After drying at least 4 hours, we apply a second coat of spray, but this time silver mirror effect, without covering the entire surface and thus give it a metallic touch.6 .- As we said before, in the end, we put our lights of white color in each little hole we made.