Do you remember my corner of botanical inspiration?

If you do not remember it or did not see it, I tell you: in an area of ​​my living room I began to create a composition with pictures and paintings of botanical or animal inspiration in the manner of the old cabinets of curiosities, also called quarters of wonders, typical of Victorian age.

For this I made several squares with leaves and flowers pressed from a desktop picture holder (here) and a frame for pressed flower using some binding rods (here). Now I have added a new piece to my collection from a framed glass with a matte silver metallic edge that I found very cheap in Primark (€ 5) and that I loved because of the possibilities I saw in it after being intervened with a DIY. The framed glass came with a silver ribbon that I removed immediately. I had painted some feathers and a phrase that I easily removed with a scraper. My idea was to paint on the glass with special paint for it but the cans I found cost more than the frame itself and I had to buy at least two, so I dismissed the idea and opted to use nail polish that I bought in a bazaar (1 € each).

I chose two colors: bright green and electric blue. Mixed in different proportions I made different shades of green and diluted alcohol so I obtained different transparencies to get volume and texture.