You can celebrate a movie night in your garden, as long as you have some space. It is easy to set up a cinema screen with a normal sheet, hang some lights to create the atmosphere and make a sign that directs the guests to the right place. Get the children involved. A simple option is to set up a DVD player or a laptop, a projector and a pair of speakers (the stereo system in your home or a computer loudspeaker will work well). If you do not have a projector, visit the local library; in several they rent at a low price. Do you want to try something fun? Transform your smartphone into a projector using a shoe box and a magnifying glass. Search the instructions on the Internet.

To screen Do you have trees? Just hang a white sheet between them. Sew a hem on the top and bottom of the sheet, wide enough to pass a rope. Pass the strings through the hems and tie them firmly to the trees (you may want to hang a darker sheet behind). Do not have appropriate trees? Hang the sheet of a wall or a fence (you can put paper clips on the bottom to give more weight). Do you want it to be extremely simple? Project the image directly on a wall or garage door.
The lights The threads of lights increase the beauty of any place. Pass them through the trees, through the cinema screen and through any other place that helps guide the guests. Do not you want to bother with the cables? Use lights powered by batteries. Another idea to improve the environment? Make your own pendant luminaries with cans … it’s very easy!