Until I tried the vinyl in
This DIY in which I transformed a piece of furniture with him, I did not realize the multitude of possibilities he has. With the beautiful vinyl that there is now, you can give a completely different air to any piece of furniture or make your own creations as I have done in this case in a very easy way.
You only need:

► a wooden board

► a few large open sockets for use as hangers

► vinyl to make the shapes

I have also used white chalk paint to make the mountain peaks, but you can choose to paste a white vinyl.

Stick carefully so as not to create bubbles, but at home if any appears, you can pin it with a pin and that’s it.

This rack is a good option to place in the hall of the house and that the little ones put their things on arrival, you can also use a box with wheels to leave backpacks, umbrellas … Another option may be to locate it in your bedroom, use vinyl with the colors in which your room is decorated and will be perfectly integrated into it. Although the DIY is super easy and you can do it at home without any problem

I can help you do it!

Come next Friday, June 2 at 6:00 p.m. to the “Decorate with vinyl workshop” that I will give at Leroy Merlín Toledo, you only have to register in the Toledo Store Blog and wait for your confirmation, you know that places are limited. The workshop is totally free and you can take your clothes rack home, is not it great?