We return to the load with a DIY very easy and that you can use for the room of the kids, for the garden or to animate any summer party, which by the way, what ganicas that I have!

In a children’s room we can put it on any wall, on the headboard, on the desk … it will brighten any corner. Surely at home you have pieces of leftover cloth, use them, here you can mix prints, colors …

We only need fabric, rope and textile glue, which I am very practical and needles do not give me anything right, heh, heh. The ideal way to avoid fraying the fabric is to use a scissors or zig-zag.
In the step by step, you can see the shape that I used for the template, which would be two triangles joined, so that the garland is finished on both sides. Point and cut the fabric and stick both triangles leaving the string at the top of the garland. Easy, easy, easy! Between the pennants, cut thin pieces of cloth and tie a knot or add a lace, it will be much funnier.