We show you an easy way to create a DIY decoration to decorate a wall with ethnic air thanks to some trivets of natural fibers and a little paint.

I told you last week that I was preparing a DIY decoration to place on a wall that was a bit bland. So, it occurred to me that with some natural fiber placemats and a little bit of paint I could make a mural with an ethnic air that would break the monotony. As always, I show you the final result and then I tell you the story and the process! DIY decoration for wall with an ethnic dot or boho in the hall

I already showed you this receiver in another post, which is a space stolen from the bedroom, because one of the access doors to the house leads directly to the main room. At that time the wall on the right did not have any ornament or complement. But, on the one hand, I began to think of a corner to leave the bags, which ended up leaving them in the chair, and on the other to put a little color, in line with that access door that I painted in blue. The bag hanger I bought at the El Taller del Abuelo flea market in El Escorial this Christmas, made by Julia’s magic tricks of Still Decorating. I was like a glove! And now, I tell you how I made the DIY mural, very simple, in case you dare to repeat it. The materials: natural fiber trivets of various sizes (the ones you like most, these are from Sostene Grene), acrylic paint, bodybuilder’s tape and brushes. I have taken the opportunity to finally release my Washi tape from Miarco and my brush for details of Nespoli that I received in the workshop for bloggers organized by the PYMA group in November, which I had not yet had the opportunity, and in the process I give you a tester. First, prepare the trivets with the bodybuilder’s tape so that the different designs are well dubbed. This is where I see that it is worth it to be a good Washi tape like this one by Miarco, because being an irregular material, the conventional bodybuilder tape did not beat me well and you could strain the paint and stay a chapucilla. And on the record that nobody pays me for saying this, huh? But to Caesar what is Caesar’s. After preparing the placemats, we painted them. I used some acrylic paints that I had at home, with different shades of blue, a white and a neon pink to make some detail that breaks the monotony. And as you can see in the photo, I have reused a container of mini roscos of Christmas wine to use as a palette … I can not find plastic egg cups! Hahaha.